Who We Are

The story of Inaru, as does the story of its founders, begins in the Dominican Republic. 


But to start this story at the moment of incorporation of a company, or even at the moment of birth of two sisters, would be to ignore a long series of events that shape our vision today.

Our Origin Story

This vision starts with the soil and with the Taíno, the indigious people of the Carribean, who lived on and cared for that soil long before they discovered a group of Spaniards lost at sea in 1492. 

To Columbus, Hispaniola (The Domincan Republic and Haiti) may have appeared to be the gateway to the new world. To the Taino, it was just their world.

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Their perception of this world was defined by living in harmony with nature, with an emphasis on community and communal protection, with a genuine abundance mindset that so many of us aspire to recreate today in our own lives.

The Business

Our own aspiration takes the form of a new inclusive business model,in which we don’t choose between products, competitive prices, happy producers or ethical cultivation. We call this a positive spiral business - a spiral with a string of knock-on positive effects, a force for good that gains momentum the more people it touches.


Taíno culture is also matrilineal. We chose the name Inaru, the divine feminine principle, to ground us in our heritage and stand for the abundance we believe is possible.